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Hey There

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! My name is Eno, I'm the creator and founder of Uyai. I make eco-friendly repurposed, upcycled and bespoke items using wax prints from West Africa. 

All About Me

I'm a music enthusiast who loves designing and making. things. I was enlisted to design a few lamps to light up merch spaces at gigs and photo shoots - people always wanted to buy them so I ended up making them for sale to the public and even designing costumes for a band!


Offered here are a wide range of artisan products all handmade and designed by myself.
Please view the catalogue of products. - some items are one off exclusives. Everyone deserves that special something, unique to them.


I'm committed to customer satisfaction, always on hand to answer your questions. Stand out from the crowd with items you won't find anywhere else as everything you see is hand designed by me.





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